22nd International Conference on The Future of Asia

Monday May 30 and Friday Tuesday 31, 2016


Goh Chok Tong

Keiichiro Oizumi

Senior Economist, Economics Department, The Japan Research Institute, Limited


Keiichiro Oizumi is an economist, lecturer and award-winning author. He began his career as an economist at the Sakura Research Institute, Limited (now the research division has been consolidated to the Japan Research Institute, Limited) in 1990. His areas of expertise include demographic change and economic growth in Asia, and socioeconomic issues surrounding the urbanization of Asia. Oizumi particularly focuses his research on economies of ASEAN countries.


In 2007 he published a book, The Ageing Asia (老いてゆくアジア) and won the Award for the Promotion of Studies on Developing Countries, the award bestowed by IDE-JETRO, Institute of Developing Countries Japan External Trade Organization for outstanding publications on economic and other issues concerning developing countries.


As one of the leading experts on Asian economies, Oizumi serves as a member of the task force set up within Japan International Cooperation Agency, or JICA, an independent governmental agency.


He is also a member of Japan Association for Asian Studies and the Japanese Society for Thai Studies. Oizumi received his Master’s degree in Agricultural Science and Ph.D. degree in Area Studies from Kyoto University.

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